60+ Hockey - Players

60+ Hockey is available exclusively for individuals 60+ years of age with varying skill levels. Full hockey equipment is mandatory, including a hockey helmet with ½ visor (full face mask and neck guards are recommended), shoulder pads, hockey pants, hockey gloves, shin pads, and a regulation ice hockey stick. No body contact is allowed, and players must rotate to allow fair ice time. Maximum of 26 players and 2 goalies. Players and goalies pre-register separately up to 7 days in advance, and must check in with Guest Services upon arrival. Underage players, within three years of the designated program age group, are allowed to pre-register for programs only on the day of the program. Spots can be given away to anyone waiting if pre-registered participants have not arrived within 15 minutes of the start of the program. Please bring a dark and a light jersey. Photo ID is required. There is a zero-tolerance policy for all individuals; swearing, fighting, refusing to show ID, sneaking on the ice, and being disrespectful will result in immediate dismissal.

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 Monday, June 12 

60+ Hockey - Players

10:00 AM
90 mins
Troy Murray Arena