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Regular season ice (from September to March) is primarily scheduled for our local minor sport organizations, leaving ice available during the early mornings, weekdays, and late evenings. Short-term bookings are available for individuals. All bookings need to meet our insurance requirements, which can be acquired through the City of St. Albert's insurance program or through your own broker.

Please note that we remove certain ice sheets and have a dry floor surface during the spring and summer seasons (April 1 – August 31).

See the ice schedule below for the 2023 dry floor season:

-Go Auto Arena: Ice out April 24. Ice in August 14.

-Troy Murray and Mark Messier Arenas: Ice in the entire spring season.

-Kinex Arena: Ice out April 7. Ice in July 17.

-Jarome Iginla Arena: Ice out April 7. Ice in July 31 1.

When choosing availability, please include an extra 15 minutes into account when booking ice to include flood time. For example: one hour and 15 minutes for a one-hour booking.

Looking for spring or summer ice?

St. Albert does maintain ice over the spring and summer depending on community needs. If your group or organization would like ice in the off season, please submit your request to a Facilities Coordinator by November 1 of the previous year.

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