Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child’s special day stress-free with our two NEW thrilling birthday party packages!

Introducing the “Baking Birthday Bash” – a culinary adventure where young chefs unleash their creativity, baking up delicious memories without you lifting a finger. From measuring ingredients to decorating sweet masterpieces, we handle it all, so you can savor the joy without the mess!

For those bouncing enthusiasts, dive into our “Bouncin’ Birthday Bash” – a gravity-defying extravaganza filled with inflatable bouncers that promise non-stop laughter and boundless fun. Watch your little ones soar and giggle as we take care of every detail, ensuring a hassle-free and memorable celebration.

At Servus Place, we understand parents deserve to enjoy the party too. Let us handle the planning, leaving you free to relish those precious moments. Book now and treat your child to a birthday bash that’s as stress-free as it is sensational!

If you are looking to book your own amenities, please call the facility.