Important Notice

Some indoor fitness activities will be available starting March 8 in step with the province’s A Path Forward.

  • Starting March 8:
    Low intensity workouts available at Servus Credit Union Place in the Tailor Made Insurance Fitness and Wellness Centre, and the Christenson Developments Track and Training Centre. The City will also be offering personal fitness training with a trainer for one-on-one and one-on-one household.
  • Starting March 15:
    In-person, low intensity fitness drop-in classes available at Servus Credit Union Place. Reservation required.
  • Starting March 29:
    In-person, low intensity fitness programs available at Servus Credit Union Place.
  • Starting March 29:
    Swimming lessons for one-on-one and one-on-one household, and swim club bookings available at Fountain Park Recreation Centre.

More info: Public Health Measures ›

Preschool 2

This is a parented class. This level will be covering skills from the last three levels of our preschool program (Cruising Crocodiles, Paddling Penguins, and Plunging Polar Bears. In Preschool 2 we will further develop the skills your child mastered in Preschool 1. You will support your child while they learn to glide on their front and back with kicking, side glides, and front swim. We will teach you how to support your child as they learn skills in deep water.

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